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D. Dusty Rhoades, Attorney at Law

Since 1983, I have been practicing law in Charleston, South Carolina primarily in the area of Workers’ Comp. On the SC Workers’ Compensation page, you will find helpful information that is designed to try to help a person understand basic entitlements an injured worker might have when hurt during employment with a private employer, or, state/county/city employer. It does not apply to Federal workers or Longshoreman which involves different laws, procedures and standards.

The information and explanations are based on my experience, knowledge, and understanding of South Carolina worker’s comp laws. The Reader should understand that laws change from time to time based on what the S.C. legislature enacts into law and/or judges interpret when the laws written and passed are not clear.

I have found that too many people, who are hurt on the job, have no idea what the legislature passed as laws to entitle them to receive certain medical and disability benefits. I have interviewed and represented many workers who are “nervous” about jeopardizing their employment if they even ask about their benefits, never mind actually filing a claim.

This overview should help those who want and need more knowledge, but are uncomfortable talking with a worker’s compensation attorney or asking anyone else. The information I’ve provided is to, at least, if nothing else, allow the injured workers, interested relatives and friends to understand when they are “missing something” and that they should check further before financial losses and benefits are unknowingly lost.


  • 1975- Graduated from Furman University with a degree in Political Science.  After working a few years I enrolled into the University of South Carolina Law School.
  • 1982- Graduated from The University of South Carolina Law School.
  • 1983- Entered into the South Carolina Bar Association.

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