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All of our office staff are trained to schedule appointments for any client if the client requests one. They know to do so immediately upon the request being made and WITHOUT checking with an attorney, if the appointment is during normal business hours. Appointments after business hours, must be confirmed with an attorney to verify there is no family or other personal matter conflicting with the potential appointment.

Any office staff, making the appointment, merely goes to the schedule to select a time open on the schedule that is convenient and acceptable to the client. I have found this a much better way for clients to be allowed to get answers to questions rather than the client only receiving a response of, “I’ll have to check with the attorney and get back to you.” Handling an appointment request in that manner only causes unnecessary delay and frustration for the client. If you’re our client and you want an appointment during business hours, for any reason, we don’t see any reason to have to run it by an attorney.

Phone Call Appointments are handled in the same manner. We encourage the use of phone call appointments rather than dealing with frustrating “phone tag”. Specific phone call appointments allow the client or other caller to schedule a time to speak with an attorney on the phone that is convenient for their schedule and ours and it avoids what often are endless phone call returns when one party is not available. Scheduling of these are handled in the same way as in person office appointments are handled. The office staff does not check with an attorney before scheduling these if they are to be scheduled during normal business hours.

Limitations on Appointments…there are none. In representing a client we feel it is important that the client always has access to an attorney about their case. We have never put limitations on how many appointments a particular client can have. The number and the length of appointments vary depending on the needs of the case and the client.