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Job injury? Let us help you get compensated for your lost wages and medical bills.

Charleston Workers’ Compensation Lawyers – We Fight For Your Rights

When accidents occur on the job, injured workers in Charleston turn to The Job Injury Law Firm. Whether you need to hold an employer or property holder responsible for negligent behavior due to dangerous working conditions or property or management oversights, the workers’ compensation attorneys at this progressive law firm will consult with you about your case, give you information you need to know in plain English, and then develop a strategy to help you.

Each worker’s comp case that comes in our door is distinctive, yet may have similarities to the hundreds of cases we have handled for other clients. When you work with us at The Job Injury Law Firm, you will have the benefit of years of experience. Our attorneys can check the documentation from past cases to determine how your case might play out. While we cannot foresee the outcome of every case, we can speak with confidence about how your situation is likely to be perceived by the court and jury.

At The Job Injury Law firm, we handle several types of cases, which include:

  • Workers injured on the job, workers’ compensation
  • Auto accidents
  • General negligence or property negligence causing injury
  • Insurance claim problems

Charleston Worker’s Comp Attorneys Fighting For Your Rights

Set Appointments

Need an appointment during working hours? Any of our office staff can schedule a convenient appointment without confirming the time with an attorney. If you need to come in after hours, we will schedule it and then confirm the time after checking to make sure that your attorney does not have a personal or professional conflict.

Client Education

New to the legal system and not sure of all that is involved in your case? We make it our business to educate you about the laws that apply to your case and then offer you an easy to understand handbook of legal terms and concepts that we discussed during your appointment. This way, you do not have to rely on your memory of what we discussed in person or on the phone or feel stressed by the complexity of the law.

Case Decision Making

Throughout the course of your case, we want to keep you involved and be the one that makes any decisions that need to be made. When we need to send order draft or other documents to a judge or Commissioner, we first explain it to you, answer any questions you might have, and let you know the possible results of any order before we send it.