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We can help you put your life back together and make sure that you get help from those who injured you.

We understand the impact that a serious accident can have on your life.

Job injury? Let us help you get compensated for your lost wages and medical bills.

Client Education

It has been our experience that very few clients understand the practical and legal choices to be made on their particular case or claim. Many, if not most clients, are anxious and scared about the uncertainty of their future and how to deal with it. To reduce that stress, among other things, we provide written plain English handouts to each client so that the client does not have to rely on memorizing what we discussed with them in the course of an appointment by phone call or in the office.

Handouts are written by our attorneys and include subjects such as:
  • Flowcharts to help understand the stages the case goes through
  • Summaries and Explanations of choices available in a particular case as well as advice from us about what choices to make
    A MAP for each client that shows exactly how to find a court room or hearing location in order to better assure the lack of client confusion as to where to appear for a hearing or trial
  • Detailed Case Analysis that are specific or individualized as to each client. These review strengths and weaknesses of the case or claim as well as Settlement Valuation Ranges and why those valuations are reasonable under the law as well as practical points for consideration on any case.

All clients are provided copies of all documents involving their particular case as the case develops and any client may review their file any time during business hours. Clients who want to see emails involving the case or claim, are copied with those sent or received.